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Epoxy Surface Sealer
C.T. 101

Heavy duty maintenance coating for steel, concrete and asphalt. Use for protection of steel and concrete in immersion service — offshore structures, marine pilings, etc., as a coating. Use also as a coating for applied skid proof treatments, and chemical resistance. Typical applications include concrete tanks and pits, parking decks and bridges, sewage treatment plants and chemical plants. Also use as a binder for durable, chemical resistant patching mortars and topping.

Preparation — Apply to clean, dry sound surfaces only. All surface contamination must be removed manually, followed by a thorough washing with detergent (TSP). Acid etch con- crete surfaces with muriatic acid solution (15%). Test for compatibility with other coatings. Mixing — Two part material, easy 1:1 mixing ratio for A and B components. In large batches, mechanical mixing with a paint type paddle is recommended. Thin up to 25% by volume with RIW THINNER T-4. Mix thoroughly for at least three minutes.

APPLICATION: Protective Coating — Apply at 10 mils per coat with spray, brush, roller or broom.

Skid proof Coating — Apply, then broadcast sand over coal tar epoxy until any wet spots are not visible. Remove the un bonded excess aggregate the following day.

Patching Mortars and Topping — Mixed CT 101 will produce a workable mortar or topping when combined with 3 or 4 parts of 20 to 100 mesh size emery or dry, clean silica sand by volume. Prime surface with CT 101, before application of patching mortar.

Products and systems contain epoxy resins (coal tar), and organic amines. Toxic before cure. Observe cautions on product labels. Volatile solvents are used to thin product, and clean tools. All safety regulations must be observed. Do not apply at temperatures below 50°F.



Standards (Properties at 75°F):
Solids, wt. & volume — 100%
Tensile strength — 900 psi
Elongation — 50% minimum
Shore D Hardness — 50 (ASTM D-2240) Temperature resistance — 250°F
Chemical resistance (ASTM D-570)
Water — Excellent
Salts — Excellent
Solvents — Excellent
Acids H2SO4 to 95% — Excellent
HCI to 95% — Excellent
Pot Life — 45 minutes
Drying Time — 8 hours
Shelf Life — 2 years

One gallon weighs approximately 10.1 Lbs. Available in 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails. CT 101 is combustible, with a flash point of 160°F. RIW THINNER T-4 is flammable, with a flash point of 73°F.

Standard Coverage: Protective coating 150 sq. ft. per gallon at 10 mils thickness.
Patching Mortar: One gallon CT 101 mixed with 4 gals. of clean, dry sand will yield approximately 4gals. of patching mortar.


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