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Toch City
The composite picture shown above is a small sample of the buildings using Toch Products. The city, from left to right, contains these clients:

Union Central Life, Cincinnati, Ohio;  General Motors Co., Detroit Michigan;  Metropolitan Tower, New York;  U.S. Customs House, New York;  Woolworth Building, New York;  Capital, Washing, D.C.;  Hell Gate Bridge, New York; Singer Building, New York;  Public Library, New York;  Municipal Building, New York;  Bankers Trust Co, New York;  Post Office Eight Avenue, New York

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Atlantic Richfield Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Albert C. Martin & Assoc., Los Angeles, CA

Michigan Bell Telephone, Detroit, MI

Smith-Hinchman & Gryllis, Detroit, MI

First National Center, Portland, OR

Charles Luckman Assoc., Los Angeles, CA

Federal Reserve Building, Cincinnati, OH

Hake & Hake Assoc., Cincinnati, OH

Valley Center Office Building, Phoenix, AZ

Welton, Beckett & Assoc., Los Angeles, CA

Trojan Nuclear Plant, Prescott, OR

Bechtel Corporation, San Francisco, CA

New Road Electric Generating Plant, New roads, LA

Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

Georgia Tech Computer Center, Atlanta, GA

Cooper, Carry & Assoc., Atlanta, GA

Fort Wayne City-County Building, Fort Wayne, IN

Straus & Assoc., Fort Wayne, IN




Exchange National Bank, Tampa, FL

Harry A. MacEwen, Tampa, FL

Indiana Bell Telephone, Indianapolis, IN

Meranda-Cambell-Meranda, Indianapolis IN

Purdue University Stadium, Lafayette, IN

Walter Scholer Assoc., Lafeyette, IN

Penn Plaza Tower, New York, NY

Tishman Realty, New York, NY



Toch Brothers - 67 Wall Street - New York, NY 10005