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Thio-Deck Membrane

Generic Type:         Black, one part thixotropic urethane material.

General Properties:     Thio-Deck Membrane SP is a fluid applied elastomeric membrane waterproofing system with excellent elongation and toughness characteristics. Unlike brittle coatings which “mirror” cracks with the substrate, Thio-Deck Membrane DP is designed to bridge hairline cracks in concrete. The material, when applied, forms a seamless membrane which bonds tightly to properly prepared concrete or masonry surfaces. Thio-Deck Membrane SP has excellent resistance to salts and water, and very good resistance to dilute acids and alkalies.

Recommended Uses:    Thio-Deck Membrane SP is a self-protecting elastomeric membrane for applications where the waterproofing will be exposed., Examples are planters, concrete cooling towers, trenches and concrete tanks. Thio-Deck Membrane SP has exceptional toughness. Therefore, protection board is not normally required for protection against standard backfilling operations in foundation waterproofing. Unlike many elastomeric membranes many elastomeric membranes, Thio-Deck Membrance SP may be used in areas of continuouos immersion of water and acid soils without a protective topping, even in areas subject to moderate abrasion and erosion.
Thio-Deck Physical Properties:



Test Method

Tensile Strength

1100 psi minimum (77Kgf/sq.cm)

ASTM D412-68


400% minimum

ASTM D412-68

100% Modulus

500 psi minimum (51 Kgf/sq.cm)


Hardness, Shore A Tear



(14.3 Kgf/lin.cm)

ASTM D2240-68

ASTM 0624-54

(Die C)

Moisture Vapor Transmission

0.8 perms maximum


(@40 mils) pliability

180° Bend Around Mandrel @30°F (-1°C)


Abrasion Resistance





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